Reuben Singh’s Works in Business and Charity

Reuben Singh was born into a wealthy family. However, it doesn’t make him a dependent kid. Singh always want to prove himself that he is capable of establishing his own business. This man was trying to set a business when he was still very young. Singh was still 17 years old when he opened his fashion retail chain store. This store is called Miss Attitude. This chain store can be easily found across UK. Around four years later, he sold this chain store and established other businesses. One of them is Alldaypa. Alldaypa is a telephone answering service. Because of his business, he was honored as Britain’s Youngest Self-Made Millionaire.

Singh was a very popular entrepreneur. He was also successful at young age. Unfortunately, he made some mistakes in the past. His ego and young age made him a little reckless. He boasted his fortune and assets so that the media thought that he was richer than he actually was. A mass media investigated his business and assets in early 2000. And it turned out that the truth was not as what he said. From this investigation, it was found that Singh was heavily in debt.

This financial problem didn’t cause him to give up. He keeps struggling with his business. His struggle is pretty fruitful. It allows him to keep Alldaypa until now. Singh may have made mistakes when he is younger. But, as he gets older, he gets wiser. He tries to give something to the society through charity. In 2016, Reuben Singh launched University Scholarship Fund. Each student could get up £9,000. Singh gave this scholarship to young people who have great passion in entrepreneurship. Students who wanted to apply for this scholarship must make a 2500-word essay. The essay is about business and entrepreneurship. Ruben Singh scholarship was only available for UK residents.

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